AARP’s Digital Experience

October 8, 2010

by David Weigelt

AARP's Digital Experience
Since I’m not-yet-50, my friends like to tease me about attending AARP’s Life @ 50+ event. Regardless of what they say, AARP does certain things really well at its annual convention that I look forward to, one of which is their general session on the closing day.

Over the past several years, I’ve been immersed in conversations by the likes of Bill Cosby, Maya Angelou and Michael and Kirk Douglas. What I love is how AARP gives their speakers a topic and then cuts them loose in terms of where the conversation goes. This year I was especially excited for the closing session. It wasn’t because of the headliners, Whoopi Goldberg and Larry (I don’t need little blue pills to procreate at 70) King; it was a panel discussion themed “AARP’s Digital Experience.” Read the rest of this entry »


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