More advertisers? Not for More Magazine

August 25, 2009

by David Weigelt

“The Readers Are Over 40. (Don’t Tell Advertisers.)” is a New York Times feature that delves into the current struggles of More Magazine, whose average reader is age 51.

Even though More’s newsstand sales are outpacing competitors like O, Oprah Winfrey’s magazine, Real Simple, and Martha Stewart Living, many advertisers won’t touch it with a 10-foot pole – especially luxury brands.

What’s even more contradictory is that More’s 51-year-old average reader makes about $30,000 more per year than the average reader for Vogue, Allure, and Harper’s Bazaar. At a $93,000-per-year average, More’s readers even beat the readers of Esquire ($66,800) and GQ ($75,100).

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