Learning From Others’ Mistakes – Is That So Wrong?

We recently released a new issue of our newsletter, Mature Interaction, aptly titled “5 Social Media Lessons to Learn from Eons.”

In it, we did just that – outlined what marketers can learn about older consumers’ use of social media from Eons change of its age limit from 50 to 13, and the subsequent user reactions they received. Being supporters of Eons from its inception, we also included a summary of things they’ve done well and concluded with recommendations for what they should have done when changing that membership requirement.

After its release, we received a lot of feedback. We were surprised, however, that we caught a bit of flack, from subtly sarcastic to outright offended, for citing their mistakes. Even Eons (and Monster.com) founder Jeff Taylor emailed us.

While he complimented the piece as a whole, he faulted us for not including insight from the Eons team. (FYI: We attempted to contact them when we first embarked on this piece, but never received a response.)

Feeling a touch like bullies on the playground, these reactions made us wonder: What’s so wrong about learning from other people’s mistakes? Isn’t that how we all develop, not only as business professionals, but as humans?

We think that being able to remove oneself from a situation, whether it be negative, neutral, or positive, and glean actionable insight to move forward is an ability worth having, sharing, and being proud of.

As always, if you have any feedback on this post or our newsletter, we’d love to hear it.


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